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December 2015

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INVOCATION:  Peter Hawks shared how the ' Four Way Test' came to be. Interesting.
PAST PRESENTATION PLAQUE ... Co- Presidents Spencer Harris & Elisa Mayes, presented out going President Bill Harwood with his well earned Past President's Plaque.
PROGRAM:   Rev. Peter MacLean served in the US Navel Reserve during the Viet Nam War. 
SPEAKER INTRODUCED BY:   Past President Bill Hardwood introduced us to Rev. Peter MacLean. 
NOTES FROM SPRINGER ...I am going to take a stab at summarizing Peter's story but I know I cannot do it justice. Let me just start by saying I have never felt our room of Rotarians so memorized by a speaker before. There wasn’t a single peep in the room. 
Peter sat only a few feet from each one of us and made you feel every word. It was amazing. He was such a fantastic orator that he could move the emotions of the room from laughter to tears in mere moments of each other. It was an amazing moment to be a part of.
Let’s begin with stating that we were the first group to ever publicly have the honor of hearing Peter’s story. He was a young man of the church and was searching for more purpose on his life so he enlisted with the US Naval Reserve. He soon found himself in the midst of the Viet Nam Battlefied as a marine chaplain. Peter was no ordinary Chaplain. He entertained us with his stories of both ignorant and intentional insubordination.  He share his story of his work at the Buddhist refugee camp where he creatively found ways to increase their rations of rice. As Chaplain one of his jobs was to keep the moral of the troops high which could be done by getting ice for the beer. Unfortunately, being a battlefield chaplain also comes with the terrible job of looking after wounded and deceased marines. It was at this point we were all ready to break down in tears with Peter. There was plenty more to his story but I just can’t do him justice by repeating the details. To date, one of Peter’s favorite accomplishments was the time he spent as a volunteer firefighter.

Thanks for attending the Rotary Club first Thursday Social at Zero Gravity.  Here are a few pictures we took. 
Thanks to Springer for sharing your birthday cupcakes !!! 
Springer and Mandi Harris sharing the Birthday Cupcakes. 
The early group: Scott, Larry, Ed, Springer, Elisa, Eric and Peter. 
The late crowd: Dick and Len. 


PROGRAM:   Joe Sinargra from Myers Waste and Recycling. 

Joe is a self-proclaimed “loud Italian” and Director for Sustainability for Myers Waste and Recycling. He was able to educate us on some of the aspects of their family run business. The main take away from the discussion was to please consider using, and requesting that your contractors use, Myers for your construction recycling. Myers has the ability to take waste such as roof shingles, dry wall, brick, and wood and turn them into items such as asphalt, animal bedding, Quick Dry, and plywood. By using any of the other guys you are potentially sending your waste strait to the landfill. 
When choosing your family garbage hauler or a contractor who will have waste please consider using and requesting Myers, a local family business. If you want to learn more about ACT 146 contact Joe.
INVOCATION:       Thomas Melloni provided us a wonderful invocation.
President Springer as new leader and  motivator. He has found that leading the singing of 'America the Beautiful" will be one of his biggest challenges.
Last Thursday was our Fireman’s Award dinner.  Larry reported that along he shared dinner with Bill, Elisa, and Len. The dinner was a great night shared with a solid troop of politicians and more importantly some true local hero’s. We look forward to determining and shaping a future with this fine group of men and women. 

Rotarian Nancy Lawrence celebrates her 96 birthday on Thursday. She has been a valuable member of the Burlington Rotary club since before women were offered membership. Long before she was the first female member of the club she was asked by her husband to assist in the secretary duties of the club. It was in this position she became an honorary Rotarian dedicated more than 40 years of her time to our club. She has seen so many wonderful people come through our doors. Nancy, we can not thank you enough for all that you have done for us! From us to you, have a wonderful birthday. 

Betsy Bishop of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce discussed the Vermont Chamber's Total Impact List, detailing the cost of legislation over the last few years. She has been traveling the state talking with Rotarians and Business Owners about what is going on in Montpelier and the impact it is having on our state and our businesses. We all appreciate the work that Betsy and her team are doing to make Vermont a better place to live and run a business. Her message about young people starting families not wanting to come to Vermont strikes home for many. Most eye-opening was her critique about the state's ability, or lack of, to count how many weeks are in a year. 
Rotarian Dave Mount introduced Betsy Bishop our guest speaker.

HUGE thanks to Sandy and Margy in bringing Abraham Awolich to our meeting. This has to be hands down one of the  most amazing people we have had grace us during lunch. Abraham came to Burlington as a refugee from Sudan in 2001  and took it upon himself to make the absolute most out of  his situation. He moved through CCV, UVM and Syracuse  finally obtaining his master in public admin. Not content  with just making a comfortable life for only himself he  traveled back to South Sudan (the newest country in the world) and has dedicated his life to ensuring that future  generations of South Sudanese citizens can have a safe and  prosperous life in their home country. It was an absolute  pleasure to be in the presence of a man as talented and  motivated as Abraham. I hope that we can come up with a way  to support his efforts and maintain a close relationship  with him. Truly a remarkable human and the embodiment of  Rotary ideals.

Paul Sayler talked about his experience working in all facets of the beer brewing industry in Vermont.  He also shared many interesting facts and insights regarding the brewing industry in the United States and in Vermont over the past 25 years.  And he brought refreshments!

Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg of New Moran, Inc., a non-profit steward of the Moran Plant, spoke at the Burlington Rotary Club Meeting.
They shared with us the process for redevelopment, including the financing, the environmental challenges, the program for the space, the parking plan, and the overall schedule.  New Moran will incorporate a market hall, a 1500-person capacity community event center, open office space, and 
a roof deck with spectacular views of the lake. The goal is to continue with permitting this year, begin construction in summer 2016, and open in summer 2017. 
To learn more and keep up to date:

TJ outlined the problems with juvenile crime in the state, starting with high suspension rate in school and brining young people too young into our justice system when it becomes difficult to get them out of it.
He is running for Attorney General and outlined the issues:
  • High taxes and affordability of living in Vermont.
  • Driver’s License restoration.
  • The heroin addiction program, with long waiting lists at treatment clinics.  It costs the state $79,000 per prisoner a year.  
  • He advocated for involving nursing interventions for young people before they get involved with the criminal justice system. 
  • Campaigns in Vermont: they are too costly and not transparent.  Who are the donors?
Questions and Answers:
Ute asked about narcotics trafficking.  He reported that the authorities are reluctant to talk about the source, Brooklyn, and he wants to work with the New York State and federal authorities in the City.  The system needs reform.  
TJ also explained how most addicts start on the pain killer OxyContin and then move up to harder and cheaper drugs.  
The medical community should be more involved to help reduce the abuse of drugs.
A sobering presentation we all needed to hear.

Kelly invited us to her fundraising bike ride in Middlebury on Saturday, September 12.  She broke her spine is a ski accident and has since dedicated hers life to raising funds to pay for safety and other equipment for skiers with handicaps.  After ten years, it has become  national grant organization.

This Spring the Burlington Rotary Club presented Pure Water for the World with a check for more than $11,000 to support bringing clean water to Cite Soleil, one of the world's poorest slums located in Port au Prince, Haiti.  This contribution will help bring clean drinking water an area in desparate need.  For more information regarding Pure Water for the World's Cite Soleil project, click on the following link: 
Pictured are Carolyn Meub, Director of Pure Water for the World receiving a check from Bill Harwood, Burlington Rotary Club President

The Burlington Rotary Club has supported the enhancement of City Hall Park for many years, including it's annual "planting in the park" each Spring to plant flowers.  This year our crew set aside its regular meeting time of Monday at noon to complete the planting followed by lunch in the park on a beautiful Vermont Spring day. 

Lise Veronneau and Jack Lindley ring the bell on December 13th!  Rotarians from the Burlington Rotary ring the bell each Saturday in December in support of the mission of the Salvation Army.


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