Our guest was Michael Schirling, former police chief and new Executive Director of BTV Ignite. Mike joined us to present some of what we already knew and a lot of what we didn’t. We all know that Burlington is an amazing place and people should be falling all over themselves to live. What we didn’t know is that BTV Ignite is the organization working to make that happen. Their mission is to work with other tech cities around the country and apply the lessons learned to make Burlington one of the most desired places in the country for tech firms to set up shop. Our fiber internet infrastructure is one of the main assets that makes this possible. BTV Ignite will link together schools, colleges, businesses, nonprofits and city utilities to form a coalition to put more jobs and training in place and therefor cement Burlington as the “Queen City of Tech”. I just coined that. They should use it.  As a young professional who wants to make Burlington work for my family and everyone else’s I am excited that Mike is in this role. I can’t wait to see his accomplishments in action.