Posted by Ed Murphy, reporting on Sep 25, 2018
That's Right - Once Again! Burlington Rotary has continued its multi-year commitment to materially fund the "Hands to Honduras" project, with February, 2019 funding, and person-power.  As evidenced below, a recent team with many Rotarians, including Burlington Rotarian David Mount (Recent owner of Westaff Employment, top 3rd from r.) and his wife Fran, (top 7th from r.) put real people on-site in order to continue to improve lives in the Tela, Honduras region.
As the 2018 report is being edited , here is the summary for 2017:


By Linda Gilbert of H2H-T

What projects were accomplished during the February humanitarian service trip?

A snippet:
Three classrooms were constructed at two schools;

Four rooms and bathrooms at the Tela Hospital Pediatric Ward were renovated, receiving repairs, fresh paint, colorful murals, and new furnishings;

Art classes were taught at several public schools;

Two NICU (neonatal intensive care) nurses from UVM Medical Center spent a week in the birthing department at the Tela Hospital. This summer, two medical professionals from Tela will be coming to Vermont on exchange.

The Hands to Honduras-Tela Medical Health Brigade, comprised of medical doctors, nurses, and dentists, provided much-needed free exam and treatment services to over 600 children and adults in five rural locations. They offered treatment in the areas of women’s health, children’s health, dental health, audiology, and dermatology, and provided reading glasses to patients.

Fluoride dental applications were provided to over 1,000 schoolchildren;

Three H2HT volunteers provided hands-on CPR training for 90 attendees, including Tela firefighters, police, Red Cross, and municipality and student leaders. (Thank you to Shelburne Rescue for donating the CPR mannequins and educational supplies.)

New medical equipment and supplies, including dental supplies, schoolbooks and supplies, sports equipment, and baby clothing were all sorted and given to those in need.

It is impossible to describe all that was accomplished during the four weeks. Every day was an adventure and a realization of how a few dedicated people can make a worthwhile difference to so many. It is a humbling privilege to be able to work with the strong and proud Honduran people, and the amazing H2HT volunteers. We appreciate the opportunity to volunteer in beautiful Honduras and are gifted with some amazing lifechanging experiences.

For additional information: visit us at the next Burlington Rotary meeting and talk to Dave about H2HT, or you can email