Posted on Jul 12, 2019
"There is no such thing as an "accident" when a person is under the influence. It is a crash."
So is the position of our prosecutors in the pursuit of a safer environment for all drivers in Vermont!
Heather Brochu (l) and Stacy Graczyk(r)
In our first meeting of the new fiscal year we are fortunate to have Attorneys Heather Brochu and Stacy Graczyk from the Vermont Traffic Safety Prosecutor's Office (a Division of the State's Attorney's Office).
Stacey and Heather, in referring to their ever growing case load, could at least bring us some good news.
For the last couple of years, the death toll on Vermont's highways is down from the previous years average. Their office - and with the cooperation of all us Vermonters in creating an attitude of not accepting risky driving behavior may have been the groundwork for this improvement.
The risks from cannabinoids (marijuana) and from technology (texting etc...) are still to be measured in the matrix of all the things that can go wrong on the road. There women dedicate themselves toward stopping the bad results that hopefully will never come to us in the future!
Thanks you, two, for this wake up call.
In other news we begin our 2019-2020 Rotary year with our Humid July 9 meeting.
President Scott Baldwin (above) jumps right in with the schedule of events which include
our first Board meeting on the 17th (open to all members),
Dismas House sign-ups for the year,
our outreach meeting on July 25 at the Intervale Farm,
The "Festival of Fools" support for the City (August 3)
with additional August and fun September events.
Don't get left behind. E-mail our Coordinator Jesse Beck for more info and to sign up today.
See you on the 23rd as well, when we welcome Kirby Dunn of Homeshare Vermont with some earth shaking updates!