Posted on Apr 23, 2019
To tell us about the work of "VCWA"
we're bringing in Community Development
Coordinator, Jim Gunger!

The mission of the Vermont Council on World Affairs is to promote awareness and understanding of the world and its people, places and cultures through education and engagement.

"The future of Vermont depends upon the world beyond our borders.  The Vermont Council on World Affairs, in cooperation with the public and private sectors,  promotes an awareness and understanding of the world and its people through public forums, hosting international visitors and working with our educational institutions to develop programs for students, faculty, staff and community."

One of many examples includes the Young Leaders of the Americas Program. Check the link below:

(The VCWA is hosted, in part, by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and has offices at its Main Street location in Burlington)
Below: Stepping forward from the podium, Rotarian Tim Cope thanks Jim, his friend (and our new one)
for his overview and update of the actions this group performs.
To get more on the many, MANY,  elements covered by the Vermont Council, click or paste
the link below :