TJ outlined the problems with juvenile crime in the state, starting with high suspension rate in school and brining young people too young into our justice system when it becomes difficult to get them out of it.
He is running for Attorney General and outlined the issues:
  • High taxes and affordability of living in Vermont.
  • Driver’s License restoration.
  • The heroin addiction program, with long waiting lists at treatment clinics.  It costs the state $79,000 per prisoner a year.  
  • He advocated for involving nursing interventions for young people before they get involved with the criminal justice system. 
  • Campaigns in Vermont: they are too costly and not transparent.  Who are the donors?
Questions and Answers:
Ute asked about narcotics trafficking.  He reported that the authorities are reluctant to talk about the source, Brooklyn, and he wants to work with the New York State and federal authorities in the City.  The system needs reform.  
TJ also explained how most addicts start on the pain killer OxyContin and then move up to harder and cheaper drugs.  
The medical community should be more involved to help reduce the abuse of drugs.
A sobering presentation we all needed to hear.