Posted on Jul 09, 2019
We begin our 2019-2020 Rotary year with a "hazy, hot and humid" July 9 meeting.
>>But the content was clear!
President Scott Baldwin (above) jumps right in with the schedule of events which include
our first Board meeting on the 17th (open to all members),
Dismas House sign-ups for the year,
Our outreach meeting on Thursday, July 25: Sunnyvale Concert" at the Intervale Farm,
With an early follow-up service at The "Festival of Fools" support for the City (Friday, August 2),
Then! look for  additional August and fun September events.
See you on the 23rd as well, when we welcome Kirby Dunn of Homeshare Vermont with some earth shaking updates!
Don't get left behind. E-mail our Coordinator Jesse Beck for more info and to sign up today.